Enjoy eroticism like never before with one of the most experienced gigolos of the Netherlands

Sexual energy

Female sexuality, the sexual ‘being’ of women, increases with age, in contrast to that of men. The more mature a woman is, the more spectacular her physical sensations and orgasms can be.


A wonderful orgasm. That climax, that peak that makes you rise above yourself for a while or for a long time. Let waves of pleasure and wonder carry you away, and experience positive energy only. Enjoy your arousal and feel alive!

“Throughout the years I couldn’t have orgasms. I didn’t think it was important, but now I know better. An orgasm ís important and it’s certainly worth trying everything to experience it.”

Good sex increases life happiness, gives energy and reduces stress. Enjoy touch and the bodily sensation it produces, absorb the feeling and relax your whole body with a thunderous climax.


Women are often blamed for the rut and routine sex life of a relationship. They lack passion in their lives, do not want to leave their partner, but do experience a loss.

Also, many women are not as familiar with their own bodies as they think they are. For many of them, the body is a source of insecurity and shame or sometimes even a little scary. What a shame! Set aside those negative ideas!! You are beautiful as you are and you have every right in the world to enjoy your own body and eroticism, without that useless ballast.

Think about what it would be like……an orgasm workshop by a gigolo who knows exactly what he is doing? You don’t have to do anything during an appointment with me, you just have to receive. I let you relax and enjoy and expect nothing in return from you.


These days we are all ‘switched on’ way too much and too long. That is not healthy and impossible to maintain for long. Desired physical contact can do you a lot of good.

Therefore, shoulders back, chin up and breasts out! Get rid of the pressure and the grind. Is this all there is? Where has the fun gone? It’s time to relight your fire, safely and reliably!

Let go of ‘thinking’ and embrace ‘feeling’. After one appointment with me, the sexual and erotic relationship with yourself (and your partner) is as good as new. Experiencing touch, good sex and wonderful orgasms is a blessing for body and mind and gives your relationship and the eroticism in your life a boost. Feel loved and cherished again!


The biggest regret women have on their deathbeds is that they didn’t stay true to themselves and let themselves be guided by everything and everyone…..except their own desires. Don’t let it come to that and step out of your comfort zone.


Allow yourself excitement and pleasure and feel desired again!
How adventurous are you still?

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