Encounter eroticism with one of the most experienced suitors of the Netherlands, like you have never experienced it before

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How can I describe the lovely 3 hours that we had this afternoon & more importantly what had become a once distant memory from years ago became a reality once again. Unthinkable that such intense pleasure (MALE-ESCORT-SERVICES) has been locked away & through circumstance revealed once again.
Truly amazing that you could tap into the sensual me.
I am ever so grateful for your help on this soul searching journey.
Until we meet again.


It is true. Really true. From when I was a Young girl I searched what it is that is so beautiful about it. I have never found it before, till last Sunday…. I knew it, I have always felt it: ‘it should be beautiful’. And it was beautiful, even beyond that. Beyond expectations. It was an amazing experience, surrounded by beauty, glister, warmth and love.

There he was: in flesh and blood! The image answered the picture. I felt very cold and shiver-ish from the nerves, but within seconds I melted and the ice was broken. How did he do that? Don’t ask me, I don’t know! So tidy, neat, proper, courteous and polite, and so fluent. So sweet, tender and soft, but strong and powerful. The cup of coffee that I offered shook in my hand and the coffee almost fell out of the cup, but he knew how to deal with the situation, like a true gentleman.

I have seen the stars and the moon. Fireworks. I have felt the warmth of the sunshine like a lovely lazy warm summer day and the soft wind that always comes at the right moment to caress your body. My spirit has flew over fields of blossoming flowers. It was as beautiful as the glancing feathers of a bird from paradise and shiny orchids. As soft, silk veil sliding over your body… I have mainly enjoyed the peacefulness and the quietness. The quietness coming from him! He even managed to bring a smile on my face…I have no regrets at all, even better I am happy, happy that I called him in a moment of insanity. That I have experienced THIS. Amazing!

I intent to have a second meeting with him. The appointment will follow, whatever it takes; I am very sure about this, I am already planning my agenda to choose a day for this amazing ‘Pamper Prince’. This is what I call him, because no other word fits him better.


We have experienced our date with Rene as real nice. Compliments from Richard for Rene his behaviour towards me, felt like a completion to us. Is was all okay. We are already looking forward to a new date. AMERICAN GIGOLO> It will be wilder and naughtier…………………. Evelien and Richard.


Thank you for being so patient and tender and that you adjusted completely to me. This night did so much for me and to me. I have a ridiculous amount of energy; I am very hyper!
It was a turning point of my life; did not know I had so much lust in me.


Amazing! Rene is absolutely a recommendation! After doubting for a long time, I decided to take this step and now I have no regrets at all. Exactly as written: tender, loving and above all respectful. He makes a woman feel a 100% woman again. A big complement is after all just right for you. Just a gigolo.


Meeting Rene did so much for me, It changed my life.


Even I recommend you this gigolo. He really knows what women want and will let you enjoy the whole night. I did not know what eroticism was till I met Rene. Real great!!


I never knew I could come like that, I was amazed by it. But really amazing that you made me experience it ( so often). I felt so embarrassed after an intense orgasm, lying so helpless, couldn’t do anything because I was so far away. I was also very embarrassed when I started to cry. It was really nice of you (GIGOLO COMPANY) to help me through these moments. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable.

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