Encounter eroticism with one of the most experienced suitors of the Netherlands, like you have never experienced it before

Tantra Massage

Making love is an art form.

A pleasant sex life is not obvious for thousands of women, mostly due to bad experiences (www.nsvrc.org) /not taking any risks/being shy etc….
It is a shame that many women haven’t experienced pleasant eroticism and sensuality yet. Even those who have experienced it, do not know that there is so much more to get pleasure from.
Most women find it very sensational to make love to a gigolo A HIGH CLASS MALE ESCORT who knows how to make a woman feel all woman again, without any hassle.

I possess the gift to make a woman enjoy eroticism and sensuality (again).
A foreplay of massaging can both be relaxing and at the same time time provokes eroticism. You don’t have to do anything. You will only be the receiver of this pleasure. A great feeling of elation. This leads from being intimate together to a great ecstasy were most women reach an orgasm like never before.

An orgasm is not ordinary for all women. A lot of women are not able to have an orgasm during penetration. Most women have never experienced an orgasm by stimulation of the G-spot. I will make you experience the exciting feeling of having an orgasm. I can hear you think “having an orgasm isn’t the most important thing for me”… but it is nice to experience (GIGOLO SERVICES)).
For many women, it is a fantasy to be overwhelmed by the touch of a high class male escort. For most, this will never happen………
When did you last enjoy eroticism and sensuality immensely?
Allow yourself to experience the most exciting moments of your life. It would be such a shame to let an intense moment like this pass you by…

In our modern, liberated Netherlands it is still “not done” to make an appointment¬† like this. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative. What’s the worst that can happen…??

You make appointments to go to the hairdresser, beauty salons, sauna-wellness all the time. Why not make time for this “MALE ESCORT” ? This intense workshop is very healthy for body, soul and mind. It has a duration of 3 to 4 hours which can be compared to 10km of jogging. It’s a philanthropy for your whole body and calories will burn very fast. Losing weight has never been so pleasurable.

The workshop starts with a non-erotic relaxation massage. I will tell you to keep your bra and panties on. The goal of this massage is to take all tension away. After this I will give you an very nice extensive TANTRIC MASSAGE or erotic massage (massage for female Amsterdam).
What shall we do afterwards?…………………….. Let your fantasy take over and make all your wishes come true!

After the best feeling you have ever had, follows total relaxation……..
Dare to enjoy your own sexuality, do not deny yourself this.
Tell yourself that even yóu can enjoy!

With a high class male escort you will feel things you’ve never felt before. You will create new experiences and if desired, I can give you tips on how to satisfy a man.
I have a lot of experience with inexperienced women.
Treat yourself. I will give you confidence and a great experience.
Break through your own routine of modesty and decency.
Feel free, feel alive!
An intense orgasm will give you a divine feeling of happiness.
Afterwards you can deal with the world, both physically as well as mentally.
It is even salutary for your body and mind.

Afterwards you feel alive again. Your good state of mind is back, you will shine and speak the language of confidence. Allow yourself to enjoy. Do not forget yourself!!!!