Enjoy eroticism like never before with one of the most experienced gigolos of the Netherlands

Glossy ‘Marie Claire’, Dutch edition

The original article ‘Pas bij een gigolo kwam ik voor het eerst klaar, from the Dutch edition of glossy ‘Marie Claire’ can be read here. The translated text of the article is written out below.

“It wasn’t until a gigolo that I had my first orgasm”

Marieke (34) had little experience with sex and wanted to know what it feels like to have an orgasm. After an internet search, she came across gigolo René.

Journey of discovery

“When I was in my twenties, I didn’t have much experience in bed. My first time was at 21, during a one night stand. I kind of liked it, but I didn’t feel quite right about that night – there was alcohol involved. The same goes for my second sexual experience during a study trip, where I got into bed with someone I didn’t really like at all while under the influence of something. Afterwards I regretted it. I wondered what sex would be like normally, under sober conditions. And also if and how I would come. Although I masturbated occasionally, I had never managed to orgasm. The two experiences with lovemaking had stirred something in me. Something that made me want to explore.

I hadn’t had a serious relationship yet. I was and am not the type to hang out at the bar until three in the morning and prefer to visit my friends at home on the weekends. Dating sites yielded little. I’m on Tinder these days. Also no success. If there are no dick pics coming my way, then someone will ask in his second message which position I like. Very tiring. It’s all so premeditated. Not for me.

Surfing for Sex

I couldn’t deny my need. I was curious and so I was suddenly searching online one evening. I don’t remember the exact search term, but I was looking for sex and especially for someone who, unlike myself, had a lot of experience. I quickly came across male escorts. Gigolos, in all shapes and sizes. Dressed or not dressed. Depicted in full regalia, sometimes with an erection as well. Not quite my cup of tea.

The site of a certain René did appeal to me. He had nice texts about his work and said he loves to indulge women. In a friendly manner, civilized and reliable. I decided to send him an email in which I briefly explained my situation. A sweet and understanding message came back soon; of course he could take into account that I had little experience. In combination with something written on his website in which he talks about what a first date can look like, that convinced me. In no time I had booked a hotel in a city unknown to me. René would visit me there and stay with me for four hours. In our email exchange, he assured me that all my fantasies would come true.

At the hotel

I was looking forward to the appointment and had put on make-up and beautiful lingerie for the occasion. But I was also very nervous, especially when I waited in my hotel room for him to knock on the door. I had no idea what to expect as I didn’t have a picture of him. His height struck me first: a lot shorter than me. Not really my type, but handsome and slim. Not that it really mattered. We soon had a very nice chat and I immediately noticed that he was very sweet, which made me feel at ease right away.

His subtle approach also helped. After a drink and a chat, at his initiative I laid myself down on the bed in bra and slip for a massage. René started softly and tenderly touching my back, after which he, step by step, went a little further. With a load of oil, he switched from massaging with his hands to using his chest as he skillfully moved his body over my back and buttocks, and back again. He asked me to turn around. I loved the skin-to-skin contact and became more and more aroused as the massage became more erotic. This René had clearly thoroughly studied foreplay and what women like. After he had also explored my body with his mouth, it came to the act itself. Not in a straight forward way, either, but in combination with one of the many sex toys he had with him. He knew exactly what he was doing.


It was the night I reached orgasm for the first time. As if sensing that I was wondering what the hell was happening to my body, he whispered, “You just came.” That wouldn’t be the only time that night, by the way, and at one point I lost count. He had even thought of the aftermath. Silently he held me in his arms for fifteen minutes in which I could enjoy the afterglow as he caressed me. After a shower it was over. After that I just couldn’t fall asleep. The adrenaline kept rushing through my body and after a short night I packed my things and went to the gym. Let off steam.

Sexual pleasure

It had all been great, but I was also a little confused. In the days that followed I kept thinking about that night, about the caressing and the sex and I felt a kind of homesickness. Not that I knew René well of course and I didn’t fall for him either, I wasn’t in love. But I did long to be with him and felt some kind of connection. I later read that it may have to do with a hormone released after sex, oxytocin. Confusing, but nothing to worry about. The whole adventure left me wanting more. There was only one problem: at that time I was still just a poor student. The booking had cost me € 300. Months passed and nothing happened. Not even with other men. Until my birthday came up. This seemed like an excellent excuse to give myself a nice present: an evening with René. Plus the hotel.

Fortunately, I was a lot less nervous that time. As soon as René entered, he pushed me gently against the wall without saying anything and started kissing me passionately. It was like a movie. The sex was just as intense as the first time, but the difference was that I was a lot more daring. In satisfying him, for example. After eight months without an orgasm, because I couldn’t manage that yet, the relief was huge.

And he kept surprising me. I learned more and more about myself. For example, on our third date I discovered that it can be very exciting to use a blindfold and nipple clamps, and that I like to surrender myself completely to the other person. There is trust between him and me. Still, I have a very businesslike view of the services of a gigolo, because that’s what they are: services. Just like the work of a hairdresser or beautician. The advantage is, of course, that there is never any hassle after sex, such as claiming calls or text messages. I get what I want from someone who is there for me. A man who takes his time for me and who focuses on my pleasure. The only downside I can think of might be the condom. And the cash. Usually I sneakily put it on the table at the start, out of some kind of discomfort. To get that part over with!

By meeting René I was able to gain experience. Perhaps that is why I later dared to start an affair with a colleague. Nothing serious, by the way, but mainly based on mutual lust. I could also endlessly experiment with him, and discover what I find fun and exciting. Never thought I’d even end up in a swingers club. There was openness. He was the only one I dared to tell that I occasionally booked a gigolo. Because of my new sex life, René had faded into the background a bit. That changed when I got another job and stopped seeing my colleague. A few weeks ago I met René again. This time at my house, because I felt like trying something different. We soon got back on track. I didn’t have to say anything, didn’t have to ask. Sex came naturally. Flawless.

Less harsh

It’s great that someone makes you feel that way with sex. But I got much more from René. Besides giving me a whole series of orgasms, I also learned from him to let go of my thinking, as he calls it, and allow my feeling. I’m typically one of those people who ‘is in the head’ a lot. Now I listen to what I feel a lot more and I am less harsh on myself. That is not only great when making love, but also in other areas, such as work. I am now ready for a steady relationship. I just don’t think though that sex for me is something that only needs to happen between me and a partner. That is, of course, something to bear in mind.”